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  • Do You Really Need a Power Meter? When A Heart Rate Monitor Isn’t Enough

    11 August, 2015
    Michael: “I’ve been training with just a heart rate monitor for a while, but I’ve been reading about power meters. What is the difference, and why would I need a power meter?” All right Michael, now this is a serious question. While you can certainly make great strides training with heart rate zones, there are a few downsides when using an HRM in conjunction with a training plan. Heart rate numbers give you a reaction [...]
  • What’s the Average Speed of Tour de France Riders in MPH?

    16 July, 2015
    Reese: “I’ve been watching the pro cyclists in the Tour de France this year, and I’ve heard some speeds thrown out here and there, but I can’t seem to figure out how fast they’re really going. What is a rider’s average speed in miles per hour?” This is a popular question, Reese. In fact, you’re one of about 30 people to ask us this since the beginning of this year’s Tour de France. While there’s [...]



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