Have a Cycling Friendly Halloween with Pumpkin Carving & Energy Foods

There’s nothing quite so scary to me as Halloween. Huddling in the house with the lights off, hoping and praying no kids knock on the door–dreading the influx of candy and the outflux of my waistline. But, alas, now that… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Carry the Abus Bordo Combo Lite Lock on Your Next Road Ride

We all know the drama that extra weight can create on our rides. What better way to explain a slow climb or getting dropped from the group than blaming it on some extra, unnecessary grams you’re struggling to drag along… Continue Reading →

Ride and Run with The Nite Ize Handleband – Bike and Jogging Stroller Phone Mount

At Interbike, I got the chance to get up to speed with some of the newest accessories from Nite Ize. With plenty of samples from the friendly people at Nite-Ize in tow, I decided to put them to the test… Continue Reading →

5 Things That Suck about Triathlon

If you’ve made the jump into the triathlon waters, you’ll probably start to notice a few things that suck about triathlon. Coming from a cycling background, I find triathlon to be both fun and horrible. What are those little (or… Continue Reading →

Get More Aero Without Water – Leg Lube Shave Gel Review

As a woman, I have the advantage of steering clear of the leg-shaving debate. We gals shave because it’s a social norm, and maybe it makes us more aero too. After going with the old soap and water routine for… Continue Reading →

The Reprieve Saddle – A New Race-Worthy Concept that Promises a Pain and Numbness-Free Ride

We’ve all been there. Begging our bike shop to let us borrow just one more saddle to try before we buy. If you’re like me, and you’ve been stuck on a seat that just never quite fit right, you’ll know… Continue Reading →

Carry Everything You Need on Your Next Run in the Armpocket – A RAGNAR Tested and Marathoner Approved Armband

Let’s face it, the most unfortunate part of being a triathlete is having to get out and run. But running, as much as I can’t handle it, offers plenty of bang for your training buck. So why not make those… Continue Reading →

Safer Streets for Cyclists: How the Dutch Perceive Cycling in the US & How You Can Help Change Our Roads

At some time or another, we’ve all made a poor choice on the road, or gasped as we watched cyclists run red lights, ride across crosswalks, or take the wrong lane. I, for example, was once forced onto a sidewalk… Continue Reading →

Sealskinz Introduces HALO Overshoes at Interbike 2014 – Lighted Booties to Keep You Dry and Visible

In the midst of Interbike heaven, and next to one of the coolest waterproof sock demonstrations I’ve seen in a while–yes, it did involve a woman sloshing around in a tub full of water–I had a chance to sit down… Continue Reading →

Go Behind-the-Scenes at Jens Voigt’s Hour Record Attempt – See the Trek Bike & Get Jensie’s Take

Before Jens Voigt could tell the hour to officially shut up, he had to get all the details just right. Now you can go behind-the-scenes to watch just what went into his historic attempt at the hour record including details… Continue Reading →

Redshift Sports Introduces Quick Release Aerobars & Dual-Position Seatposts – Interbike 2014

So you’ve spent plenty of money on your road bike, got a fit for road racing, and started doing some local criteriums. But suddenly you’ve caught the triathlon bug. So what do you do? Spend more money on a time-trial… Continue Reading →

Get Yourself a Pro Cervélo – Team Garmin-Sharp Race Bikes for Sale!

How often have you watched the Tour de France, the Vuelta, or the Amgen Tour of California and drooled over all the pretty bikes the pros are riding? Well, now you could own the very same bike you’ve watched climb… Continue Reading →

Testing RaceDots: Why You Should Never Use Safety Pins Again

I’ll tell you a secret. Safety pins have always freaked me out a little. Who’s to say they won’t pop open and start sticking you whenever and wherever they feel like it? I mean, when you pin a race bib… Continue Reading →

And the Winner Is . . .

Congratulations to Stan K., the winner of my official giveaway! Stan, enjoy your brand new Gauge Drive HP with ABS Pen Gauge, courtesy of Lezyne. Watch your inbox for an email detailing how to claim your prize, and be sure to let me know how you like it. Thanks to the over 2600 people who entered the giveaway. Who'd like to see more contests in the future?
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