29 May, 2017

SLO Cyclist Gets a New Look & Why Brand Design Matters

24 May, 2017

A few years back, I showed up to my friends’ graduation in full kit. Lycra bib shorts, jersey, cleats, helmet. Although the kit was black and white and sporting the logo of our shared Alma Mater, it didn’t quite fit in with the afternoon’s dress code. Heck, I was on […]

The Best Torque Wrench Ever? Silca Ti-Torque and T-Ratchet Kit Review

22 May, 2017

Most torque wrenches are missing something: flair. Let’s face it, it’s kinda tough to get too jazzed about reading the amount of force you’re putting into a bolt here or a bolt there. At least, this is what I thought before I used Silca’s T-Rachet with Ti-Torque extender. Even the name […]

Road Bike Frame Sizes – Find & Fit The Right Bicycle for You

20 May, 2017

As our good friends at Bike Fit will tell you, finding the best fitting road bike is a little more than just getting the right frame size. So what factors, measurements, and contact points do you need to consider? We could kinda tell you, but we’re not experts in bike fitting. So, after […]

Climbing with Angina – No Stupid Questions

Ask Alpha Ninja
20 November, 2014
Jimmer: “I have stable angina. Can I still cycle up steep hills?” Hey Jimmer! I’m really glad you asked this question because it seems that many people are too afraid to even try engaging in [...]