Why the Swiftwick Aspire Will Be Your New Favorite Sock

Perhaps the strangest love most cyclists have is for socks. The +1 rule applies to bikes, sure, but it always, always applies to socks. I once stood in front of the Cannondale Pro Team bus and tweeted 16 times in order… Continue Reading →

The Garmin Vivosmart Band Synchs Your Phone and Your Ride, Run, and Swim

While milling around the Garmin booth at Interbike, I mistakenly zeroed my attention toward the Edge 1000, and the spiffy, budget conscious power meters. That is, until the kind folks at Garmin reminded me of their new Vivosmart fitness band…. Continue Reading →

Exciting New Women’s Kits in the Santini SMS Anna Meares Signature Collection

Perhaps my favorite trend at Interbike 2014 was the obvious push for legitimate women’s gear. The cycling industry is working toward giving women of all skill levels quality products that incorporate the latest greatest innovations in more sizes, colors, and… Continue Reading →

Interbike 2014

Get ready for an explosion of gear reviews and favorite things I saw, tested, and will review from Interbike 2014! Just to get you stoked, you’ll hear about the latest greatest wearable power meters, kits from Santini SMS (super, super… Continue Reading →

Affordable Power Beat Power Meter and Aero Bar Edge Technology

A quick peek at two yet-to-be-released data processing gear for you. I was pretty impressed with the prototypes for Power Beat and Aero Bar Edge, which I got a chance to look over at Interbike. Both products offer you a… Continue Reading →

Speedplay Goes Walkable and Aero – Interbike Sneak Peeks

If you’re a fan of Speedplay’s pedals, but are tired of wearing down your cleats, or having to use a crowbar to remove those handy coffee caps before you clip in, get stoked for Speedplay’s new aero and walkable cleat… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Women Are Natural Cyclists

A few weeks ago, I came across a painting: “Summer Cycling” by Peter Szumowski. It immediately resonated with me. The long-skirted woman standing by her bicycle gazes past the country house in the distance and up toward a hot air balloon…. Continue Reading →

Watch What It’s Like to Race a Pro Criterium

If you’ve raced a criterium before, you’ll probably find this video slightly familiar. If you haven’t, or you’re considering racing a crit, this will give you a great idea of what to expect (although, if you’re starting out as a… Continue Reading →

Scott Introduces Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cycling Jerseys and Bib Shorts

I believe it was Jonathan Vaughters who said that crashing on a bike is like driving down the road at 40 miles per hour, rolling down the window, and jumping out wearing nothing but your underwear. Seems like an apt… Continue Reading →

Are You a Bike Snob? Take the Test to Measure Your Road Cycling Status

Are you a bike snob? How can you tell? Never fear, I’ve created a test! Read the following descriptions and assign yourself points as follows. Then, skip to the end to measure exactly how much of a pure road cyclist… Continue Reading →

Giro Introduces Affordable Savant & Sonnet Helmets with MIPS

Just a day after I spotlighted a few of the safest and coolest road bike helmets, Giro got in touch with me about new additions to their road helmet lines: the Giro Savant and Sonnet with MIPS technology. And if… Continue Reading →

The Safest Road Bike Helmets: Road-Worthy, Aero, and Otherwise

A few days ago, I was out riding my single speed–you know, the pretty blue one that I bragged about building in other blog posts. I stood up to hammer up a hill (ok, a small incline) and BOOM! Chain jammed,… Continue Reading →

Reviewing Wind-Blox: Helping Cyclists and Triathletes Hear What’s Around Them

One of my biggest pet peeves when joining a pack of triathlon-ing riders (as opposed to a pack of pure cyclists) is the way they insist on calling out road obstructions, glass, potholes, and braking instead of using hand signals…. Continue Reading →

Win a Lezyne Gauge Drive HP! Enter the SLO Cyclist’s Giveaway!

Recently, I reviewed the Lezyne Gauge Drive HP with ABS Pen Gauge, and now the folks at Lezyne have been kind enough to provide a brand, sparkly new one for a very lucky reader. If you don’t know what makes… Continue Reading →

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