29 June, 2016

Mio Fuse Review – Why Triathletes Will Love This Fitness Band

Reviews & Products
28 June, 2016

The Mio Fuse: I was a doubter. Sure, the colors are cool, it’s relatively comfortable to wear, and it monitors my heart rate with a serious amount of accuracy. But how useful can it be for a cyclist or triathlete who’s in the middle of hardcore training? The answer surprised me. […]

Scicon Rain Bag Review – The Ultimate Cycling Kit Storage

Reviews & Products
24 June, 2016

I don’t generally get stoked over bags. In fact, I have a really bad relationship with them. Somehow when I finally commit to one, they disappoint me. Not enough pockets, too many pockets, too bulky to pack around. Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found the one. The […]

Make Your Own Energy Gels Cheaply & Easily

Budget Cycling
23 June, 2016

For me, there’s nothing like Salted Caramel Gu. I love the stuff, and I’m usually willing to fork over the cash when buying in bulk. But when my training days get longer, and I need to spend my money on things like my mortgage, I turn to this recipe to […]

What’s Up With SLO Cyclist? – From the Editor

From the Editor
21 June, 2016

You’re busy riding. I know that. Which is why I don’t often break in and write a direct note from the editor, but so much has gone on behind the scenes here lately that I’d like to give you an update. Because you’re awesome, and you deserve it. New Servers […]

Coolest Bike Tech of the Week – New Cycling Gear

Reviews & Products
20 June, 2016

Sensoria Smart Garments & Heart Sentinel  It’s estimated that each year at least 2,000, athletes in the US are struck by exercise-related cardiac arrest. Since we cyclists often like to go the distance all by ourselves, we’re sometimes at risk for no one noticing we’ve experienced a cardiac-related incident. Kinda […]

How Should Cycling Jerseys Fit?

Ask Alpha Ninja
6 May, 2016
Matt: “I’m making the jump from workout shirts to a bike jersey, but I don’t know what size to buy. How should cycling jerseys fit? Do you have any recommendations for brands?” Cool. I like [...]

Our Favorite Bicycling Memes

12 May, 2016
Spread the Funny Cycling Meme Love Because there’s nothing quite so awesome and difficult as cycling, we’ve created our own bicycling memes to help celebrate Cyclist’s Problems. We’ll be adding to the meme gallery periodically, so, [...]