29 April, 2016

360 Degree Cycling Videos – You Control The View

27 April, 2016

Apparently, if you’re not cycling in 360 degrees, you’re not cycling. At least that’s what some random rider yelled as he passed me last week . . . right before he popped into a curb as he gestured to the circular camera on his helmet. It’s mean, but I laughed. […]

How Not To Be A Jerk Cyclist

26 April, 2016

Editor’s Note: You may notice a slight change in voice here. We’re happy to introduce our newest contributing writer at SLO Cyclist: The Alpha Ninja. Former racer. All-around generous human being. Razor sharp tan lines. The Alpha Ninja hopes to be here for the long haul. The following was the […]

Support Cycling Infrastructure with Strava’s Global Bike to Work Day

Reviews & Products
25 April, 2016

This May 10th. it’s not all about KOMs/QOMs (although, every day is what you make of it). Instead, that Tuesday is dedicated to beating your co-worker to . . . er . . . I mean, showing global support for better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Strava’s officially making it happen […]

Does Cycling Help With Grief & Loss?; Or, Why I Missed Sea Otter 2016

How-Tos & Guides
22 April, 2016

Sea Otter 2016. The races, the pros, the gear. So glorious.¬†Months of anticipation, training, and preparation. All of my plans set. But sometimes life–well, death, actually–gets in the way of plans. Just days before my annual pilgrimage to Sea Otter, a close family member passed on. And somehow, all the […]

Bonking? How To Get Your Energy Up Fast, with Junk Food

How-Tos & Guides
12 March, 2016

  They say it’s not good for you. They say it’ll make you gain weight. They say it has no true purpose. But they’re all wrong. OK, actually, they’re pretty much mostly right, but Coca-Cola definitely does do one thing right: IT STOPS THE BONK. Don’t believe me? Take a […]