22 May, 2017

Road Bike Frame Sizes – Find & Fit The Right Bicycle for You

20 May, 2017

As our good friends at Bike Fit will tell you, finding the best fitting road bike is a little more than just getting the right frame size. So what factors, measurements, and contact points do you need to consider? We could kinda tell you, but we’re not experts in bike fitting. So, after […]

Strava Goes More Social with Updated Club Events for Mobile

19 April, 2017

Strava is pretty good at being the cool kid on the block, and now they’re working to make you even more popular too. Local club administrators can now create events via Strava’s mobile app and let all the club’s members in on the details. Plus, now ride leaders don’t have to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Comfortable Bike Saddle

13 April, 2017

Measured on the special sit-o-meter pad, matched with a saddle, riding high on the marketing hype “light and comfortable,” I had just made my wallet $200 skinnier. Satisfied that I had finally bought that one true seat. The one that I could count on to be with me when the miles […]

What Are Tubeless Road Tires?

Ask Alpha Ninja
13 January, 2015
Ryan: “I was riding with my buddy, and he said he doesn’t use tubes in his wheels. So what the heck is a tubeless tire, and why doesn’t he need tubes?” Great question, Ryan. Lately, [...]